Cookery School Courses


There are a variety of courses available at The Neven Maguire Cookery School ranging from half day classes to detailed two-day courses.

We invite you to inform us of any dietary requirements in advance of your chosen course and we will make the necessary adjustment to recipes for you.

Each course will begin with a ‘MacNean Welcome’ including tea/coffee and homemade scones.

Neven’s special recipe packs will be provided and all who participate will take home a special certificate of attendance from The Neven Maguire Cookery School.



Full-Day Courses (€265 per person)

This full day class is a more intensive and detailed course aiming to improve your confidence in the kitchen and leaving you excited to try your new skills at home! This class covers dishes and recipes that will help you to host an entire dinner party from starters right through to dessert – with a few surprises to really impress your guests!

The class will also include a wine tasting to enhance your understanding of the overall dining experience.

Full-day classes begin at 9.30 am to 5 pm.

‘Home Chef’ – Two Day Course (€495 per person)

Designed for people of all cookery levels, this course aims to increase your overall food knowledge and preparation skills. It is a detailed two-day course covering the key aspects of food preparation and cooking.

Throughout this course, Neven will advise on stocking the perfect larder, basic knife skills and will share his personal tips and insights on the best ingredients and seasonal produce. Recipes range from simple starters and mains to more complex options.

This course also includes a special wine tasting with a discussion on wine pairings.

– To book your class, please call The Neven Maguire Cookery School on 071-9853022 or click here to view dates & availability (link to dates & availability)
– MacNean House & Restaurant Gift Cards can be used as payment against cookery courses also at The Neven Maguire Cookery School
– All bookings are subject to The Neven Maguire Cookery School Standard Terms & Conditions.


Popular themes include –

Complete Family Food:

This full day cookery course is tailored around cooking for the entire family. The recipes cooked on this course are ones that all the family will enjoy. Meals which are one pot wonders are very handy in every home for everyone to tuck into with less wash up! With a variety of ingredients in the pantry in many homes, Neven offers tip on the ‘must have’ ingredients and how to plan and be prepared. The Neven Maguire Cookery School’s Sommelier will also guide you through cheese and wine tasting for those wishing to entertain their extended families on occasions.

Men In The Kitchen:

The title men in the kitchen says it all. This day is dedicated to men only who wish to upskill their cooking skills or starting at the very basic. Whether you come alone or with a friend it is a great day for any man to enjoy. Dishes on the day include how to cook that perfect steak– a real treat along with a simple yet very tasty dessert, Lemon & Passionfruit Posset! Our sommelier will also guide you through some wine/craft beer & cheese to compliment your meal.

30 Minute Meals:

For those who lead a busy lifestyle and haven’t got much time in the evenings to cook up a storm. This course is tailored around meals which take 30 minutes to complete and keep well in the fridge for days. Neven will advise on planning, budgeting and preparing meals in advance. The recipes on this course are taken from Neven’s cookbook, The Nations Favourite FAST Food.

Nations Favourite Healthy Food:

With the buzz word of the century, health and healthy eating – this course is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their food to a healthier lifestyle. From Neven’s ‘The Nation’s Favourite Healthy Food Cookbook’, this full day course gives the you the chance to cook simple yet healthy food in moderation. Two starters, two main courses as well as healthy desserts are covered on the day along with some Nutty Energy Bites, perfect for those who are on the go!

Just Desserts:

Bet you didn’t know Neven has a sweet tooth! If you read the desserts first on the menu or love to create delicious desserts for friends and family – then this is the course for you. Pastry is one of the trickiest techniques, even in restaurants, and this course covers best techniques on perfect pastry and home baking helping you create tempting and decadent hot and cold desserts.

Fruits of the Sea:

Being an island, Ireland has the freshest and most delicious seafood available. If you don’t know where to start, this is the perfect class for you. Neven will help you to learn more about seafood by giving his guidance on varieties of fish, seasonality and cooking techniques. Get Neven’s expert advice on freshness and quality when buying seafood, as well as the spots to source the best catch. You will be led through the correct handling, filleting and boning techniques and learn the perfect way to cook some favourite traditional and contemporary seafood recipes.

Mastering Meats:

This course presents Neven’s expert guidance on meat, game and poultry. Learn about choosing and sourcing the correct cuts of meat – often the lesser known cuts are the tastiest! Neven will demonstrate basic butchery skills and introduce you to methods of marinating and tenderizing meat. Take the mystery out of meats by learning to cook at correct temperatures and learning a range of adaptable recipes from slow cooked casseroles to the perfect sizzling steak.

Cooking for Vegetarians:

Improve your repertoire and impress your friends with Neven’s vegetarian cooking class. With more and more people turning to a vegetarian diet, Neven will guide you through the different varieties of fruits and vegetables now available. Learn to substitute pasta for some wholesome grains and pulses and create dishes that highlight the delicious seasonal produce on offer for the tastiest vegetarian meals.

Cooking for Friends and Family:

Impress your dinner guests by showing off your new found cookery skills! Take the stress out of cooking for large gatherings or parties and get ready to shine as the host or hostess with the mostest! Neven will take you through meal planning, budgeting and food preparation. He will teach you how to effectively organise your day, plan ahead and prepare in advance as much as possible.

Entertaining Made Easy:

The secret to successful entertaining is to enjoy the overall experience along with your guests. Teaching you how to complete much of the preparation in advance, this class takes the stress out of entertaining and is part demonstration / part hands-on class. The course will include canapés and nibbles to set the perfect tone for your evening, and you will create two starters and two mains with accompanying vegetables and delicious desserts.

The Neven Maguire Cookery School’s Sommelier will also guide you through aperitif options and the perfect wine choices to accompany your menu. Add some extra indulgence to your evening with some specialty Irish coffees and learn to create beautiful handmade truffles – that you can take away to enjoy at home!

Parent and Child Course:

This half-day class is always a special one for Neven and has proven one of the most popular courses at the Neven Maguire Cookery School. Learn to cook with your little chef – one of the most important life skills you can give your children. A fun, relaxed class is guaranteed with some delicious goodies to take home!

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